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ISBN 0-9728447-0-8

5 Key Reasons
to Get This Book!

1.)   True, Inspirational Stories will show you just how powerful the Rosary is.

2.   Beautiful Meditations for the Complete Mysteries
Joyful,Luminous,Sorrowful and Glorious.

3.   Simple, Easy Directions to Teach You How to Pray the Rosary, if you have never prayed it before.

4.)   Simple, easy directions to teach you how to make your own rosary!

5.)   A well researched History of the Rosary, Written by Fr. Richard Gribble,CSC, Author of "The History of the Rosary"

Plus! Plus! Plus!
A complete Rosary Appendix will list

    a.)  Books to read about the Rosary
    b.)  Videos to view of the Rosary
    c.)  Saints who promoted the Rosary
    c.)  Rosary sites Online
    d.)  Rosary Organizations
    e.)  Rosary Supply Sources

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